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Maxima Group prepares to leave Spain with the sale of the entire Supersol business

Maxima Group, the Lithuanian distribution giant, is preparing to withdraw from Spain. The company is working on its exit from the country with the sale of the entire Supersol business, in a process that has aroused the interest of the major players in the sector and also of private equity funds. The price range is very wide, […]

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Maxima Group prepares to leave Spain with the sale of the entire Supersol business

Gibraltar to test people daily for Coronavirus

Spain and UK address practical measures for workers in Gibraltar

Pensioner left with €11,000 tax bill

Britain gives breathing space to tourism, by lowering VAT from 20 to 5 per cent

Where are the most expensive places to live in Spain?

Prince Charles designs a reduced monarchy

Spain’s Fernando Alonso officially signs for Renault

Teleworking. The way forward?

A struggle for British company Rolls-Royce, as air travel plummets

What is a mortgage abusive clause

CaixaBank will allow non-residents in Spain to open an account and digitally request a mortgage

England and Northern Ireland overtake Scotland and Wales in the de-escalation

Biscay family prohibited from swimming in Caceres, Spain

Project in Scotland to prevent UK blackouts?

RTN Sports Round Up - By Tony Matthews

Manchester City vs Real Madrid could be played in England

The U.K. announces 1.57 billion pound bailout to help keep the arts afloat

Deposit contracts when buying a property

Housing in Spain was more expensive in June than a year ago

International managers rush to open branches in Spain

Dutch Grand Prix to be Cancelled.

UK reopens its doors to international sport and cinema

UK spin: Boris Johnson will phase out use of Huawei’s 5G network.

Four months since the King of Spain broke ties with his father

British will be able to request residence document in Spain from July 6


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