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No 10 to set up new plan to attract scientists to UK

The government has set up a new body called “Office for Talent” The idea is to spur scientists, researchers and innovators to come to the UK, in an attempt to lift the economy after the pandemic. It is also to make it simple for immigration for those wishing to move to the UK. The government wishes […]

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No 10 to set up new plan to attract scientists to UK

Spain: In a good position to attract European tourists

UK citizenship offer to Hong Kong residents

ZERO coronavirus deaths in Spain yesterday for first time since pandemic starts

Spain opens today to 14 countries and unlocks the borders with Portugal

Spain government announce border to reopen with Portugal and France

Spain and Portugal to finally reopen their border, three and a half months later!

Former England boxer wins 16-year battle to stay in the UK

CINEWORLD will NOT be opening its door yet in UK or US

Wonderful news for housewives! Access to a pension for the retirement of housewives in Spain

U.K McDonald’s plan to install rapid electric vehicle charging points

The King and Queen of Spain feel the heat in Sevilla, in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Spain

Pig plague returns to Javea

Spain rebels against macro pig-farms

Face masks are taking over Europe. So why not the UK?

130 people evicted from a party at the Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Spain

The difficult ‘new normal’ for schools in England

87 per cent of working parents in the UK want to stick to the ‘new normal’

The best towns in Spain to live in, if you have been asked to work remotely

One lady’s plan to launch Free Black University in UK

Pedro Sanchez Spain's Lockdown

Spain to allocate €10 million more to the global campaign against coronavirus

Spain looks to Europe to regulate teleworking

Russia offered bounty to kill UK and US soldiers


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