Dogs destroyed following man’s death


GUARDIA CIVIL officers are investigating the death of a man in the Marina Alta area having been attacked by a pack of dogs.

The 66-year-old man from Beniarbeig had been out walking to his small orchard at the weekend when the attack occurred. Having not returned several hours later his
son went to look for him and discovered the gruesome body of his father.

The man fought hard for his life, but having being bitten on his legs and hitting the ground the pack of dogs continued their frenzied attack, fatally injuring him.

Officers reacted quickly once at the scene and reviewed similar incidents in the area. They visited a nearby property where there were several dogs, and previous attacks had been reported.

Although all the animals were inside and had no blood stains on them it was noted that one of the dogs was wet, as if having been washed. When questioned, the owner said that it had
fallen into the pool.

Five of the dogs were of mixed breed – pitbulls and bullterriers – and only one had an identification chip with no paperwork for insurance or ownership being offered for any of the animals.

DNA samples were taken from the five dogs who were being held at SEPRONA centres.

The autopsy confirmed that the man died from the many dog bites, causing severe blood loss.

The court ordered that the dogs be destroyed after DNA evidence confirmed that they were responsible for the attack.

The owner now faces charges of reckless homicide.

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