Eleven schools in Alicante province excluded from voting


OF THE 108 schools in the province of Alicante that have requested the Ministry of Education change the schedule for the next course and apply the ‘continuous day’, eleven have been excluded from voting.

On Tuesday April 4, the parents of students from 97 schools are called to vote as to whether they want the Ministry of Education to change the schedule and end classes at 2:00 pm or continue as per this schedule and end class at 5:00 pm.

The eleven schools that did not meet the requirements of the new school organization plan are the following, according to the data provided by the Department of Education:

1. Ramon Llull de Alicante
2. The Bay of Elche Las Bayas
3. San Luis de Crevillent El Realengo
4. Cardinal Belluga de Crevillent San Felipe Neri
5. Torrevieja Sunrise
6. Secanet de La Vila
7. La Purisima de Beniarda
8. Perpuxent de Beniarres
9. La Rectory de Benimeli
10. Francisco Cloquell de L’Orxa
11. San Salvador de Tarbena

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