24-year-old man dies in fight outside Can Tallarina in Jalon


A 24-year-old man from Villalonga, in the Safor region, died last night after receiving blows to the head in a fight that took place outside Can Tallarina in Jalon.

According to witnesses, at least four people were involved in the fight – the motive for which has not been revealed – during which the victim, who was with several friends, received blows to the head that caused his death.

The body has been taken to Alicante, where the autopsy will be performed today.

An investigation is already taking place in Denia whilst the Guardia Civil await the result of the autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

The primary hypothesis is that the young man died after being hit hard on the head near at the pub on the outskirts of Jalon, on the CV-750 road.

Can Tallarina is one of the best-known entertainment venues in the area, and among its offerings that attract hundreds of young people are the ‘crazy Sundays’ that begin in the afternoon and continue through the night.

Photo: The venue attracts hundreds of young people every Sunday

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