Accounting issues in Elche?


IN a document released by auditing body Sindicatura de Comptes de fiscalización de las obligaciones, it was revealed that the Consistory of Elche registered an overspend in 2015 of more than 6.4million€, which was hoped to be paid for from the 2016 budget.

Ana Arabid of the Finance department at the City Council of Elche explained that this is completely normal – the amount in question corresponds to bills for services or products that are normally contracted in November and December (2015), but are presented to the City for payment in the New Year (2016).

Arabid continued to explain how the Elche carry-over sum pales into insignificane when compared to those of Valencia (20.1million€), Alicante (13.9million€), Gandia (13.9million€) and Paterna (6.6million€).

In the preparation of the regional report, auditors found indications of accounting discrepancies in thirteen municipalities and Elche was not one of them. The City Council of Elche have reminded the auditors that the 2015 budget was drawn up by the former PP government team and was only taken over mid-year by PSOE, Compromís and Ilicitanos.

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