Alahama de Murcia robbers evade police with faster car


LOCAL POLICE in the Murcian town of Alahama de Murcia were left red faced and embarrased after thieves, who robbed a computer store in the town, were able to evade capture because their escape vehicle was faster.

The incident happened in the early hours of last Tuesday morning, when the Local Police were alerted to a break in at a computer store in the centre of Alahama.

When they arrived at the scene, the assailants were leaving the scene, so a high speed chase ensued through the streets of the town. At one point, the thieves, travelling in a black BMW X6 broke into the parking lot of the El Pozo factory using metal bars and wire cutters and waited for the officers to show.

When the police arrived the thieves attacked their vehicle with the bars and sped off towards the AP-7 motorway. The officers followed onto the motorway, but as they were travelling in a police van, were unable to keep up with the robbers, who sped off out of sight.

The Local Police department said they highlighted the problems they are facing months ago. They are unhappy as they are expected to patrol the town in either police vans, or unmarked cars with no flashing lights or sirens.

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