Alfas de Pi’s water network investment


WORK TO  expand the stormwater and wastewater network has begun on the Orió and Eurim streets in Alfas de Pi.

The Town Council of Alfas del Pi is working to extend the stormwater and wastewater network on the two streets in Albir, an action designed to improve surface drainage conditions and solve flooding issues that occur in heavy rains on the Pegaso, Ondarella and Saturn streets.

On Monday morning, Vicente Arques, mayor of Alfas del Pi, , Toni Such, Councillor of Urbanism, and Óscar Pérez, Head of Technical Services visited the sites together with a representative of Hidraqua, the concession company of the municipal water service.

Specifically, the project will see installation of a separate sewerage network in Orió Street to allow for the evacuation of the rainwater and residual waters. Drainage is also set to be improved at the intersection between the Saturn and Eurim streets with the installation of a 500mm diameter manifold. The Councillor of Urbanism explained ‘this action also improves the evacuation of rainwater in the streets Algol and Colom, whose scuppers overflow and cause flooding in different plots’.

The works are budgeted to cost 330,000€ and will be financed from the investment fund of the municipal sewerage service. The project will finally complete the renovation of the respective pavements and will end the problems of transverse drainage in the area, where the accumulation of runoff water in heavy rains has caused residents no end of problems.

In recent months, Alfas de Pi Council has launched several projects aimed at improving the collection of rainwater, including improvement works on the Avenida de la País Valencià and plaça Jaume I or on Mitra and Tritó streets in Albir.

The works, which started a week ago, are expected to be completed within three months.

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