Alicante officials want to improve their Valencian


DATA taken from results of a University of Alicante survey on language use of the City Council of Alicante has revealed that three out of four public employees expressed desire to ‘improve their standard of Valencian’ and willing to be trained to a standard where they can use the language on an ‘everyday basis’.

Results also pointed out that more than 90 per cent of the employees understand Valencian, about 40 per cent know how to speak it and approximately one third use it when they are required by a Valencian-speaking person.

Councillor Natxo Bellido and professor of the University of Alicante, Antoni Mas presented the results of the survey carried out last year on the sociolinguistic situation of the city this week.

The survey was developed and directed by teachers Brauli Montoya and Antoni Mas and was carried out by three 2015-2016 students – two of the Catalan Philology degree and one of the Master’s Degree in Linguistic Counselling and Literary Culture.

The 17 question interviews were carried out face-to-face, except in the case of the Local Police where, due to the specific needs of the service, answers were written in the absence of the interviewer.

Of a total of 2,176 female workers in the Alicante region, 653 were interviewed from all the municipal areas, which represents 30.01% of the total.

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