Anandi ‘The Sleep Guru’ on World Sleep Day


FRIDAY March 17 is recognised globally as ‘World Sleep Day’.

Anandi ‘The Sleep Guru’ has been helping people conquer their insomnia for the past five years with her very own Ayurvedic approach and ‘Personal Sleep Review’.

Ayurveda is a natural health therapy which originated from ancient India and uses a variety of different exercises to help maintain balance.

Here, Anandi shares with RTN her top tips to help achieve a good night’s sleep:

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol

• Lengthen and deepen the breath, which calms the mind

• Go to bed early and avoid technology for at least one hour before going to bed

• A busy mind is never going to sleep well – a daily ritual that nurtures the soul is vital for relaxed slumber

• Enjoy a diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables

• Turn the lighting down in the evening

• Avoid heavy conversations before bed time

• Keep your bedroom tidy and free of clutter

• Aim for a minimum of seven hours of solid sleep per night.

Anandi’s journey started in the fitness industry in 1986. A born leader and teacher, she found herself teaching others throughout her career in fitness, beauty and wellness.

To find out more about the benefits that can come from good breathing technique, such as an improvement of mental and emotional well-being, a calmer mind and lower blood pressure, check out Anandi’s website –

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