Anti-prejudice campaign launches in Cartagena


CARTAGENA AIMS to become a space free of rumours in a new initiative created by younger people in the city.

The campaign ‘Cartagena Libre de Rumores’ aims to project a message of inclusivity, integration and diversity by sending a strong anti-prejudice message towards immigrants living and working in the area.

To coincide with the International Day Against Racial Discrimination, more than two hundred citizens, including young people from the Centros Interculturales de Cartagena, multicultural youth groups, marched through the streets of the historic centre, carrying banners and balloons bearing the campaign message, before arriving at a rally in the Town Hall Plaza.

Once in the plaza the large group created a fun, festive atmosphere, with singing, dancing and a presentation of the Brazilian dance form Capoeira by Adaba accompanied by Rap Artist Dyba.

Deputy Mayor, Ana Belen Castejon addressed the gathering from the steps of the Town Hall, proclaiming, ”There is an alarming increase in the distorted and negative vision our citizens have of immigrants.”

Explaining the message behind the Libre de Rumores campaign, she said ” Our campaign is a clear and decisive commitment to value the management of diversity, to promote the breaking of stereotypes and prejudices between cultures and promote a message of cultural coexistence.”

She was very happy to inform the gathering that the initiative was organised and requested by younger people in the city who wanted to live in a ”Cartagena free of prejudice”.

At the end of the rally a large banner was placed outside the Town Hall declaring the message ‘Cartagena Libre de Rumores’.

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