Asparagus is absolutely fabulous


ASPARAGUS is one of the few perennial vegetables out there, so once you get a good batch going, you’ll have harvests for year to come, and you’ll barely even have to do anything.

The first year that you plant it, allow asparagus to grow completely and don’t even bother to harvest it. Just enjoy looking at those green beauties knowing they’ll be all yours for the taking the next time around.

In the second year, harvest the asparagus when the spears are about ½ an inch in diameter, but only do this for two weeks.

Cut or break off the spears at about the 7 to 9-inch mark with the tips tightly closed.

In subsequent years, harvest the asparagus for somewhere between five and eight weeks, then wait for the shoots to become ferny so that the roots are sturdier and stronger when the following year’s crop comes in.

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