Cartagena residents call to ban the botellon


A RESIDENTS group in Cartagena is staging a fightback against the two scourges of modern life in urban areas, dog excrement and the ‘botellon’.

The Grupo Municipal de Ciudanos de Cartagena voluntary group wants attention drawn to the repercussions brought by dog owners failing to pick up their dog’s excrement and the problems derived from the youth phenonomen, the ‘botellon’, where a group of young people gather around a car on a piece of waste ground or car park, open the doors or hatchback, crank up the music on the car stereo to maximum and proceed to dance around, chat, drink alcohol and smoke.

They have formed a seperate pressure group called La Formacion Naranja calling on the City to mount a awareness campaign surrounding the anti-social nature of these activities.

The aim of their initiative is to promote civility and a healthy coexistence between those who have and those who do not have dogs and between those who drink and those who inhabit those spaces.

Ana Rama, spokesperson for the group said: “Cartagena is a tourist city where 200,000 people live and both neighbours and tourists continue to suffer the lack of preventive initiatives by the municipal government to avoid the dirt generated by the lack of citizenship shown by people who walk their dogs and do not collect their excrement and those who drink in the street generating garbage, urine, or vomiting.”

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