Bernat Capo passes away aged 89


SPANISH writer and journalist who dedicated his life to literature and the region of the Marina Alta, Bernat Capo,  passed away on Tuesday in his home in Benissa after a long period of illness.

Capo was born in Benissa in 1928 and received much recognition throughout his life for recovering the history and traditions of the region.

Capo worked for many titles across the region since the 1950s and was founding partner of the Diario de Valencia and Noticias al Dia.

He was most recently recognised by the University of Alicante (UA) who awarded him the Golden Laurel, the highest honorary distinction of the academic institution, in appreciation of his ‘professional and civic career… with a life consecrated to journalism in different media and literary creation’.

UA emphasised Capo as a ‘civic referent of the highest order in the process of linguistic and cultural reconstruction that the Valencian society has half in the last half century’.

After learning of Capo’s death, the Consell Valencia de Cultura (CVC), who awarded him their silver medal in 2013, expressed their sorrow and spoke fondly about how his ‘ intellectual trajectory travelled the way of children’s literature and popular culture through stories and novels’.

In recent years Capo received tributes in Benissa, his name being put to the Municipal Public Library. In 2001 the Catalan writers paid him tribute for the whole of his work in Denia. In 1999 Bullent created the Bernat Capó Popular Culture Prize and he was also an honorary member of the Association of Writers in Catalan Language.

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