‘Breaking Bad’ – Alcalali edition


ACCORDING TO the Superior Court of Justice of the Region of Valencia (TSJCV), the Third Section of The Audiencia of Alicante has handed sentences of between two and four and a half years to the four men – three British and one Surinamese – convicted of setting up a laboratory to produce amphetamines in a rural house in Alcalali.

The head of the group, a 54-year-old man known by the alias ‘PJF’, received the heftiest sentence at four and a half years as the court considered him to be responsible for financing the entire production process of the drug and supplying the equipment and ingredients.
Pleading guilty, the other members saw their sentences reduced drastically. Instead of six years’ imprisonment, the ‘cook’ was handed a two year sentence whilst the other two men were handed three years and two months.

The events occurred throughout 2014 when the plans of the four convicted were exposed in the course of another investigation against drug trafficking conducted by a court in Denia, which resulted in the seizure of 167 kilograms of cannabis in the United Kingdom.

The production plans of the four were exposed in 2014 through the course of another drug trafficking investigation led by a court in Denia. Said investigation resulted in the seizure of 167 kilograms of cannabis in the UK and investigators began monitoring telephone and Internet conversations between the men, suspecting further illicit operations.

It wasn’t long before the tapping enabled investigators to bust the amphetamine laboratory and the group’s production plans for the drug.
Renting a rural house in Alcalali in which to set up the laboratory, the group had purchased all necessary chemicals and utensils, recruited for the ‘cook’ and – despite the plans being foiled in their early stages – had already produced samples of the drug.
In seizures carried out in the laboratory and in another house, police found sufficient equipment and ingredients to produce up to 45 kilograms of amphetamine, with a street value of more than 771,000€.

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