Chicken Cacciatorre


CHICKEN cacciatore ‘meaning hunter’ is a hearty Italian dish made with braised chicken in a tomato-based sauce with mushrooms and herbs.

There are many different variations to this classic dish with many using red wine instead of white but this simple yet tasty recipe will be enjoyed by all whichever wine you use.

Serves 6
12.2kg / 5lb chicken jointed or cut in to pieces (as preferred)
125ml / 4fl oz olive oil
60g / 2 ½ oz butter
60g / 2 ½ oz chopped onion
225g / 8oz shitake mushrooms sliced
3 cloves garlic peeled + crushed
185ml / 6 fl oz dry white wine
2 bay leaves
1tsp chopped basil
Ground black pepper and salt to taste
80ml / 2½ fl oz prepared tomato sauce or passata

– Saute the chicken in the olive oil until light golden brown.
– Melt the butter in a separate frying pan, add the onions and mushrooms and sauté until golden. Add the garlic and cook for another 4 minutes
– Spoon the mushrooms, onion and garlic over the chicken and pour the wine over. Add the bay leaves, basil and pepper. Simmer for about 15 minutes, partially covered then stir in the passata or tomato sauce and add salt and pepper to taste. Cook uncovered for a further 15 minutes then serve with bread or for a fuller meal use taglietelle or spaghetti

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