Congress celebrating studies of the Marina Alta


THE sixth edition of the Congrés d’Estudis has more than 130 people registered and takes place in Denia, Pedreguer, Javea and Teulada and also includes a visit to Calpe.

The congress, which celebrates studies of the Marina Alta region, began last Friday in the Social Center of Denia and featured a lecture by Professor Ferran Garcia-Oliver and an interpretation of the tenor José Luis Luri. Four towns will host the congress: Denia (3rd and 4th March), Pedreguer (10th March), Javea (11th March) and Teulada (12th March).

Rosa Seser (IECMA) has said that the studies will reflect the archaeological potential of the region and the new studies on tourism and heritage

The initiative ‘will allow us to catch up on research in the region’ as Seser emphasised, whilst also stressing that the congress ‘is organised to provide a meeting space for all people interested in our culture and our region’.

The upcoming programme is as follows:

10th March: Antoni Banyuls: The walls of Teulada, Benissa and Calpe

11th March: Jesus Eduard Alonso (Contemporary History): Violence, bandellorism and politics in the central regions of the XIX.

12th March: Isabel Mateu (Jardí Botànic de València): The Silene ifacensis, a plant in danger of extinction in the Marina Alta

In terms of content, Seser commended the great number of works devoted to archeology: a total of 12 communications and four posters ‘covering a long period of time, from prehistory to the medieval world, which reflect the great archaeological potential of Marina Alta’.

He also mentioned new contributions on tourism and heritage, with one contributor having produced a study on the theme ‘crime of the nineteenth century in the Marina Alta’.

It is free to attend the congress and the president of the IECMA invites all citizens to ‘learn about new aspects of the history of the Marina Alta, a long and important history that different congresses of studies since 1982 have helped to discover and spread’.

More information is available from local tourist offices depending on which event you would like to attend, Pedreguer (10th March), Javea (11th March) or Teulada (12th March).

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