Courts rule no chalets on the Montgo

THE SUPERIOR COURT of Justice (TSJ) of the Comunitat has ruled that the Montgo agricultural colonies cannot be transformed into chalets.

The ruling describes the ‘valuable cultural heritage’ of the agricultural lots built in 1922 and determines that ‘in no case can actions be admitted for the covert construction of housing for residential use’.

The Montgó Natural Resource Management Plan (PORN) is already substantiated but has recently been endorsed by the courts following a long litigation case brought by the owner of one of the colonies who had transformed it substantially into a chalet. The ruling has declared the housing to be illegal and forces its demolition.

This is not the first time a case to transform the colonies has been brought to court. Another ruling in 2010 prohibited an owner from transforming one of the colonies into cottages after they appealed against the decision of the Town Planning Department of the City of Denia to deny them the license for works in 2006. The appeal was dismissed in full and the owner was ordered to pay costs.

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