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AS reported a few weeks ago, the locally produced Cucaracha Club will have its official Premier in the UK next month. Not resting on their Laurels, the production team are well underway with the planning of the sequel, with the script written, some casting of the major parts in place and locations scouting underway.

Now the real work begins as the film heads into its Crowdfunding phase as they look to finance the film through a number of new initiatives.

With the action and film crew returning to the Torrevieja area in the autumn, it’s once again an opportunity for businesses, cafes, restaurants, hotels and venues of interest to be able to promote themselves through the film by being featured in the film and the other promotional ways. In the near future, the search for cast and extras will also be underway for this Torrevieja based production.

Having learnt a great deal about the business of film making during the original production, the production team are must better prepared for their second production and looking forward to the challenge. Some of the stars from the original production, including Tom Watt (Lofty in Eastenders) have expressed an interest in reprising their roles, which will include many members of the original ‘good guys’, the Cucharacha Club, that gives the film its title. The script is finished and under wraps until the Crowdfunding phase is completed. The reason for this is so that those wishing to be involved in the Crowdfunding or having product placement in the film can be easily accommodated with changes made to the script to be able to feature their establishments or business.

The film enjoyed its world premier on March 10th last year, in a screening in Torrevieja’s Virgen del Carmen to a full house and the promotional team are slowing putting all the necessary bits together, such as obtaining a PG12 Certificate for UK screens, putting together media packs, talking with distributors and film festival organisers, and doing all the back stage stuff, that the typical cinema viewer does not know much about. For more information please visit:

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