Denia commits to reduce its food waste


DENIA HAS committed to reduce its food waste – one of several objectives forming part of the city’s adherence to the Urban Food Policy Pact of Milan.

The Urban Food Policy Pact of Milan is ‘an international pact signed by 138 cities from all over the world with more than 470 million inhabitants’.

The pact is designed so that all member cities work together to achieve the development of sustainable, inclusive, resilient, secure and diversified food systems to ensure healthy and accessible food for all in a rights-based framework.

It calls for cities to act to reduce food waste and preserve biodiversity and at the same time promote mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

The proposal, which will be presented in a plenary next Thursday, is part of the Denia & Marina Alta #TastingLife project recognized by UNESCO.

The augmentation of Denia to the Urban Food Policy Pact of Milan will offer the city the opportunity to access the advice of its Technical Secretariat, participate in national, European and international projects and initiatives and create networks for the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Also to be presented in next Thursday’s plenary is the proposal of the incorporation of Denia to the ‘Network of creative cities and territories of Spain’.

Promoted by the Rey Juan Carlos University, the ‘Network of creative cities and territories of Spain’ project is supported by the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO.

The project aims to promote innovation, creativity and collaboration in the economic, technological, cultural, artistic, social and territorial spheres, both in urban and rural areas.

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