Denia hospital fails to pass inspection


HOSPITAL de Denia-Marina Salud’s emergency department recently failed to pass inspection, which, among other deficiencies, detected a wait of more than 24 hours.

The report also condemned high turnover rates of nursing staff, auxiliaries and especially caretakers, stating that hospital staff are dissatisfied with the way in which the hospital is managed and with the high mental load they bear, being  forced to make fast and complex decisions that imply great responsibility.

The consession have already denounced the work of the inspectors, attributing the bad result to an influenza epidemic. They confirm that since the visit was made a year ago, no request for information or clarification has been received from the Inspectorate and the report therefore fails to take into account the various measures taken since the visit.

Whilst the report concludes in highlighting a high percentage of patients who must wait more than 24 hours to be admitted to a hospital bed or ICU, data published by the Department of Health shows the hospital served almost 57,000 urgencies in 2016. 83.16% of these emergencies were attended in the times that mark the international protocols, above the average of the Conselleria de Sanidad, which is 81.88%.

The concession has claimed the report to have a complete lack of scientific rigor. They also claim the data exposed in relation to the rotation of the personnel to be erroneous and exaggerated.
The concession will present its allegations against the report in an appeal and has stressed it will do everything in its power so as not to generate unnecessary confusion and discomfort for the staff or patients at the hospital.

A request for a revised inspection will be submitted, with an ideal date of March, which the concession explains will be outside of the influenza season and also away from the summer months, where the Marina Alta region sees a high influx of tourists.

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