DIY first aid for damaged door frames


DOOR FRAMES are easily damaged. Moving furniture, pets, slamming doors or simply the pass of time can easily cause annoying splits, chips and cracks.

Whilst it is possible to get your doorframes looking as good as new again, they must be first examined to ascertain whether the damage is superficial or goes deeper.
If superficial, great news! Frames can be sanded down, cleaned and repainted or varnished. If required, a small amount of wood putty can be used to fill in gouges before sanding down and painting.

Putty comes in the form of a soft, malleable greyish-yellow paste and is made from ground chalk and raw linseed oil. It hardens after a few hours and is essential if deeper gouges or cracks are found.

First of all surround the area with protective tape. Then apply the putty, angling the spatula at 45 degrees and press the putty into the crack or gash. Once the product has filled the gap to surface level, soak your fingers in water or hand cream (check product labels first for advice) before using them to press into the gap. Once finished, remove the protective tape and leave to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Once the area is completely dry, sand gently before painting.

If damage appears to be more serious and the frame needs changing, contact a carpenter.

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