Easter boosts 5,800 jobs in Alicante


FOLLOWING the trough in employment since the Christmas and New Year campaigns and sales, recruitment figures are set to peak again as we approach the Easter period, with a forecast 5,860 jobs to be created in Alicante alone. 

The forecast represents an increase of 2.7 per cent on Easter 2016, although it is still almost 5 per cent below the state average of 7.6 per cent.

Companies are beginning to actively recruit to ensure they are able to increase their activity across the Easter period, when many tourists will arrive to the coastal zones.

Of the new jobs, the majority will be temporary seasonal contracts and the employment boost will focus on the sectors in highest demand over the season – transport and distribution, tourism, hospitality and entertainment.

Companies will be looking for candidates who have previously worked in similar companies or in the same industry in order to reduce training time and increase efficiency. Those entering jobs with no previous experience should be able to adapt quickly to their new position, so everything is in place for the influx of Easter tourists.

Being able to speak a second language will be highly valued across all positions and candidates who speak English are likely to be favoured. English will be required for many of the job positions offered as it is the basic language in hospitality, catering and transport.

However, on an international level, Spain has received many more Russian, Chinese and Arabic tourists in recent years so the ability to speak these languages will be a bonus. In the case of European tourism, Spain remains popular with the French and German so proficiency in these languages will also stand a candidate in good stead.

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