Education protest in Torrevieja


MORE than 500 people, including fathers, mothers, students, teachers and residents of the Vega Baja took to the streets on Tuesday afternoon to protest about education choices forced upon their children in the region.

The protest was also supported by members of the Partido Popular and Citizens Party with the hundreds of people calling for associations of parents of the Vega Baja to repeal of the decree of plurilingualism of the Generalitat.

The group of ive hundred people marched from the commercial areas along the CV-905 and made their way to the Town Hall, in the centre of the City under the motto ” We are Valencians, we speak Castellano”.

The group do not want children to be taught in Valenciano or English but only Spanish. They consider it to be discriminatory to force children to be taught in English and Valencian because they argue that the students can benefit more by receiving more training in English but not if at the same time they accept more teaching hours in Valencian.

The Ampas de Torrevieja Platform, the main promoter of the protest, indicated that they are not “against learning Valencian” but rather to guarantee the rights of their children. The protest was attended by representatives of parents of Albatera, Cox, Catral and Orihuela, among other towns in the region. Also political representatives such as the mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana (PP) and the deputy president of the Diputación, Eduardo Dolón (PP), attended, along with Citizens councillor Paqui Parra councillor among other local PP and Citizens politicians.

At the end of the protest, the spokeswoman for the parents, Gracia Martínez, thanked everyone for their support and said a special word of thanks to those dozens of people from the Vega Baja and said that “Tuesday’s protest is a demonstration of the socio-linguistic reality of Vega Baja, and that that reality already has its own voice that must be heard.”

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