Elche April bike initiative


RESIDENTS OF Elche are being encouraged to take to the streets on their bicycles for the month of April. The City have chosen to take part in ’30 dias en bici,’ a global campaign aiming to promote the use of bikes as an alternative to cars.

Those who agree to take part must register and use their bikes every day for the month of April and share their experience on social media.
Launching the campaign this week, Head of Mobility at Elche Town Hall, Esther Diaz, explained “Evidence shows that when someone performs the same activity for at least 21 consecutive days, the body becomes accustomed and doesn’t forget “. She has already registered to take part herself, to promote awareness of health and protection of the environment of the City.

Organisers of the Worldwide ’30 Days of Biking’ Campaign have a serious message to get across, as their aim is to encourage participants to raise sponsorship for their efforts. Funds raised will go towards mobilising students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Last year almost nine thousand people took part globally.

Participants can share their experiences with fellow bikers by using the hashtag #30daysofbiking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
One of the promoters of the campaign in Elche, Fernandez saez has set up a facebook page ’30 dias en bici Elche’ for citizens taking part to post photos and share their efforts. Throughout the month prizes from local brands will be given for best photos.

The websites to visit are www.30diasenbici.com or www.30daysofbiking.com for details of how to take part.

The campaigners insist the participants just need to ride their bike every day for the month of April, any distance, just get out and pedal once a day. And by the way, Spinning classes do count.

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