Fifteen years for attempted murder


A COURT has sentenced a man to fifteen years in prison for attempting to murder his ex-wife with a homemade explosive in the city of Elche.

It’s alleged he placed the explosive in the headrest of the driver’s seat of her car. The accused, Óscar OR, is being held in provisional custody although he pleaded not guilty during the trial, held on March 6th at the Audiencia of Alicante, after asserting that he did not wish “any harm” to the victim.

The court, however, noted that the accused, a mechanic who specialises in electronics, broke into the vehicle of his ex-companion, which was parked on a street in the city, and changed the headrest to another with an explosive charge. The device consisted of a PVC pipe filled with gunpowder and hunting shotgun shrapnel that was connected by wires to the electric window system and designed to explode when the windows were activated.

The explosion occurred on November 10, 2014 , when the injured party returned from shopping in the city and raised the windows of the car when parked. The driver suffered several injuries to the head and back that required surgical intervention and subsequent medical treatment.The Audiencia has established that Óscar OR tried to end the life of his ex-girlfriend for sentimental reasons because she had claimed in court that they had two daughters under the age of 18 and he had to pay maintenance.

“No other more plausible conclusion is offered to this court,” the magistrates pointed out in the ruling, because “no other person is known to maintain a situation of conflict or animosity toward the victim, nor to know her habits, nor possess the elements and know-how for the installation of the device”. In addition to the fifteen years of imprisonment, the accused is to compensate the victim with more than 32,000€.

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