Devastating fire at old KKO nightclub


By Keith Nicol

WHAT was once one of the top disco nightclubs in Torrevieja was left on the verge of needing to be demolished after a fire on Tuesday night.

However, thanks to quick action of local firefighters and the Guardia Civil, the discotheque was saved from becoming a pile of ashes and may live to play music on another day.

KKO closed their doors in 2012 after almost 20 years in business however they have held other evens in Alicante and Music using the KKO name. Although the site has been looked at to reopen it by a number of possible investors, it has not had any new infrastructure put into it, while other new and local discos close to KKO, have flourished in the area.

Those who have lived here a while may remember the search lights pointed into the sky on weekends, lighting up the route to their front door for many years.

The fire was first reported at around 10.00pm on Tuesday when old furniture tat was stored at the entrance to the building, began to burn on the porch of the entrance of the Disco, which is located in the heart of the Industrial Park CasaGrande. The amount of smoke from the fire caused all the alarms to set off in the building and with the fire station and Guardia Civil HQ just a few minutes away, they were quickly on scene.

The city’s security forces and a fire truck managed to suffocate the fire in a few minutes adverting what could have been a large and dangerous fire, due to the high  flames the burning material. Investigation into the cause of the fire continues however arson has not been ruled out.

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