Food confusion


AS COMPUTER users, we are all familiar with the constant flow of advice on what we should or should not be eating and what supplements we should be swallowing in order to maintain good health.

Usually they are marketing ploys to purchase unnecessary and ineffectual products, but sometimes they appear to be sound advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It is certainly a minefield for the unwary and positively dangerous for individuals who believe everything they read on the internet and are compulsive buyers.

But even more dangerous is the advice that so called experts are constantly bombarding us with via press reports.

Dangerous because what they tell us today about the benefits or perils of consuming certain common food and drink items, will be invariably turned around a full 360 degrees months later.

Only recently the Princess informed me she had read, that osteoarthritis can be exacerbated by eating tomatoes. She was concerned because my favourite breakfast is grilled tomatoes and eggs on toast and I have a mild condition in my fingers which causes me to lose my grip on the beer glass I am holding – even though it only occurs when said glass is empty.

Also of course, eat too many eggs and your cholesterol levels will go through the roof, so it looks as if I’m doomed.

But just a minute, that was last year, because now the ‘experts’ are saying that eggs are recommended and that two a day is ideal.

This about-turn principle applies to just about every food item you can think of with sugar the big talking point right now.

Sure, we can all see that our sugar intake and its relationship to obesity and the epidemic proportions of diabetes is inextricably linked, but when we are told to only drink sugar free beverages, we are being led down a very dangerous road indeed, because the sugar substitute aspartame has been proven to cause alarming side effects and even death.

So why has it not been banned?

Ask yourself just who it is that funds all of the expensive contradictory research that seems to have been designed to confuse.

And who will it be, as always, who will come galloping to the rescue with yet another wonder drug to calm our fears?

We should not be angry that our health has been deliberately endangered in the name of corporate greed, we should be furious.

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