Football shows its heart


FORMER LIVERPOOL manager Bill Shankly once said: “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.”

And this quote came to mind last Saturday as the Torrevieja’s Juvenile B team prepared to play, however, more on their mind than the football was the well-being of one of their own: 16-year-old Lucas (wearing black number 19 in photo).

Last week, Lucas collapsed during a training session and the team and coaches quickly were at his side to make sure he was breathing OK and conscious.

An ambulance was summoned and quickly arrived on scene to take him to hospital and carry out scans and tests.

Having been a constant squad player for many years in Torrevieja, he has never shown any signs of ill heath and so it was unusually for him to feel dizzy and lose his balance. But sometimes things happen for a reason and this was one of those occasions.

The results of one scan identified a possible tumour putting pressure on his brain, which resulted in his bout of dizziness on the football field.

Doctors said that this was something that had never been noticed before and he had never suffered any symptoms and so this had gone unnoticed, possibly since he was a baby.

Happening where it did, with trained footballers and personnel around him, possibly could have been a life-saver as otherwise this might never have never been detected resulting in much more more dangerous and life threatening circumstances later in life.

On Saturday Lucas was very positive and appreciative as his entire football squad wore special T-shirts prior to the game to show their their bond and support for one of their own with all of us in the football community and at RTN wishing him a successful and healthy future and a return to playing football as soon as possible.

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