Foreign office ‘how-to’ in Javea


THE MEDIATION agency for integration and social coexistence (AMICS), the Department of Social Services of Javea and the local Red Cross assembly have organised two workshops aimed at foreigners under the title ‘¿Que hago en la oficina de extranjeria?’ (‘What do I do in the foreign office?’).

The aim of the initiative is to provide attendees with the basic tools necessary to manage their appointments with the local foreign offices, reducing consultant costs (which can sometimes be extortionate).

The first session on Wednesday April 5 will be at basic level and will focus on what services are offered at the foreign office.

The second session on Wednesday April 12 will take things up a level, focusing on how to arrange appointments at the foreign office.

Both workshops will take place between 10.00am and 12.00pm on each respective day. They are free, do not require prior registration and will be held on the first floor of the Centro Social de Javea.

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