Fraudster car salesman arrested in Alicante


A 41-year-old man has been arrested in Alicante, accused of conducting a string of scams, primarily advertising vehicles online that in reality, did not exist.

The Economic Crime Group of the Provincial Police Brigade of Alicante initiated investigations in January after receiving a complaint from a member of the public who suspected the accused was hiding some form of illicit activity.

The police made their inquiries and discovered the accused offered said non-existent vehicles through a well-known website, inserting advertisements for the vehicles at well below retail-price in a bid to attract more potential customers at a faster rate.

Once potential customers made contact with the accused, he agreed to reserve the vehicles and demanded deposits of between 500€ – 1000€. The unsuspecting victims deposited the monies into an account that was held in a different name to that of the accused and never heard from him thereafter.

Of the complaints filed thus far, police have located five of the victims from Alicante and other provinces.

On the same website, the accused was also involved in an employment-offer scam whereby he received 900€ per transaction which he handed over to a third person in the business – his aim being to establish an intermediary structure to conceal his identity.

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