Fun day for your furry friends in Benissa


CLUB CANINO Les Cutes is inviting dog owners to Benissa on Sunday April 9, where they and their dogs can participate in ‘Les Cutes’ Olympiada’ – a fun day for all with many games to play.

Club Canino Les Cutes, officially registered in the Spanish registry of associations, is a dog-training club founded by a Belgian trainer 17 years ago in Jalon.

Since 2005, the club has been located on a six thousand square meter site just outside of Benissa, boasting its own clubhouse with separate fenced-off training areas for all standards of obedience training.

Club Canino Les Cutes’ aim is to help owners train their dogs to the highest levels of obedience – the club has recently invested in a top rate agility course and they are expanding into the sport of fly-ball.

Its president, Ralf Dressen says the key to successful training is to create a fun environment for both owners and dogs.

Club Canino Les Cutes is truly international with members from Britain, Germany, Spain, Holland and France. Many of the twelve experienced trainers are multi-lingual. They instruct owners in the style of internationally recognised examinations in obedience, having undergone training in Britain, Germany and Switzerland.

There are classes for dogs (including puppies) of all ages and ability.

The club offers a free individual taster session to all newcomers and if you like what you see, you can join a group of owners and dogs of similar ability.

New classes begin at 9.30am on Sunday mornings.

For more information contact Vice President, Barbara Jaekel – 650 441 677 and/ or visit the club on Sunday mornings.

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