Help Ricky Valance raise a million for the RAF


By Keith Nicol

WHEN he was 17, Costa Blanca’s very own Ricky Valance signed up with the RAF, which he says was one of the proudest moments of his life.

Last month he released his version of the Peters and Lee classic ‘Welcome Home’ with his target being to raise one million pounds for their charitable causes.

Why one million?

Because Ricky’s 1960 Number 1 hit version of ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ sold at least that number of singles at the time, and so it’s appropriate that his goal is to raise £1.00 for every record or download sold.

Donations can be made directly to the charity via Ricky’s My Donate page:

Two RAF charities are to benefit, the RAF Association, which provides welfare support to the RAF family, from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran and The Royal Air Force Museum in North West London, which will be celebrating 100 Years of the RAF in 2018.

Ricky Valance was born on the 10th April 1936. He is best known for the Number One single ‘Tell Laura I love Her’, which sold over a million copies in 1960. He started his musical career after leaving the Royal Air Force.

Further singles included ‘Movin’ Away’, ‘Jimmy’s Girl’ and ‘Six Boys’. ‘Jimmy’s Girl’ sold over 100,000 records and ‘Moving Away’ made it to number one in Australia and Scandinavia. ‘Tell Laura’ is the tragic story of a boy called Tommy and his love for a girl called Laura. It’s a sad rock ballad which has immortalised Ricky in the music history books.

Ricky will be supporting his campaign with radio, press and TV interviews, sharing the story of his active service overseas for the RAF in the 1950’s and his 55 years in the music industry together with details of his new record and video which was filmed at RAF Hendon.

He also has plans to bring his ‘An Evening With’ show back to the Costa Blanca sometime soon.

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