It really does rain in Spain


AFTER an intense winter of storms, the people of the Costa Blanca can’t help but feel overcome with dread when they see the sky covered with clouds.

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours and it certainly poured from Sunday evening all through Monday.

Municipalities across the region fell victim in the hands of the storms, which triggered an orange alert.

In some parts of Javea, rainwater levels measured above 100l/m2 and with this came major flooding of the river Gorgos.

A wall disintegrated on the Les Planes road, at the entrance to Denia from Javea, which caused material damage. Access was cut to many roads in Denia including the Marques de Campo. Local Police evicted students and teachers from the school of La Xara, as the water again filtered through the ceilings, an issue that has been ongoing since the beginning of winter.

As luck has it, clear skies are forecast all weekend and councillors across the region breathe a sigh of relief as they begin preparations for the celebration of Les Falles.

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