Javea Lodge No 40 visit the Oncology for Children Department, La Fe Hospital, Valencia


LAST WEEK, Javea Lodge No 40 members visited the Oncology Research Department at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, the chosen charity of Matthew James in this his Master’s year.

Members were greeted with great enthusiasm by Dr Jaime Font de Mora, Head of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology, who expressed great thanks to the members for their fundraising efforts.

The major research for the Spanish Society of Oncology for Children is undertaken in this department and Dr Font de Mora’s and his team are currently working on a key project called ‘Oncology de Precision’, which involves identifying specific genetic characteristics of tumours found in children from birth to 15-years-old.

Analysing the DNA from tumour samples, the aim is to identify the medication required for each patient’s individual needs, enabling correct treatment to be prescribed quickly and effectively – improving recovery and survival rate.

The aim of the Children’s Oncology Ward is to improve the children’s health so they can return to their family home as soon as possible and just attend as an outpatient.

There is a maximum of 18 patients on the ward, each with their own room. The only children kept in isolation are those undergoing bone marrow treatments.

After Javea Lodge No 40 members returned from their visit, they wrote to Dr Font de Mora and his colleagues, giving thanks and requesting information on what equipment the department desperately require and the cost. Upon receiving a response, members are excited to put fundraising plans in motion and support the department as best they can.

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