Keep your towels softer for longer


THERE’S nothing worse, particularly in Spain where they see a lot more use during the summer than elsewhere, than stepping out of the shower or climbing out of the pool and drying off with a
towel like sandpaper.

Luxurious feeling fluffy towels depend not just on their quality but also on how they’re cared for, and a lot of us are killing the fluffy feel ourselves without really realizing it.

Hotel laundry staff use the following tips to help towels last longer:

– A good shake before they go into the washing machine opens up the fibres a little which helps detergents sink into the material.

– Specific detergents with softening properties are used in hard water areas to stop the texture going harsh.

– Fabric conditioner is used sparingly. Although it improves the smell and softness, too much will stick to fibres, making them lose absorbency and eventually fall out.

– Whenever possible towels should be hung out to dry in fresh air and only given a quick spin in the tumble dryer to fluff them up. Strange as it may sound, a tennis ball or two should always go in the dryer with towels to aid the fluffing process.

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