La Nucia pioneers ahead with new environmental control technologies


LA Nucia has been chosen by Envirodata as a pilot town for the installation of its new environmental control technologies.

La Nucia is the first municipality in Spain to have this new generation of air quality sensors installed and soon, Envirodata will also install an alert system for spills in the sewage system. These two new systems will help La Nucia become a ‘smart city’ and in turn be a more sustainable and environmentally friendly municipality.

Air quality sensors
Envirodata’s new generation of air quality sensors that have been installed in the town allow localised (easily transportable), accurate and real-time collection of information. Information collected is transferred to secure, cloud-based servers that process the data.

From 1 January 2018 the EU will govern all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants to perform daily checks on air quality.  The provision of the systems in La Nucia is completely free for one year.

Sewage system spill alerts
Throughout the course of 2017, Envirodata will also being installing a state-of-the-art system which alerts to discharges in the sewage system. This system will be able to reduce the probability of damage to the natural environment, reduce the costs of purification and safeguard the health of citizens by detecting in real time any type of unauthorised discharge to the sewerage network.

La Nucia will be the first municipality in Spain to have this alert system installed and the presentation of these new environmental technologies was attended by the General Manager of Envirodata Luis Lombana, Provincial Deputy of Territory and Environment Francisco Javier Sendra and Mayor of La Nucia Bernabe Cano, along with various councilors and technicians of the municipality.

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