Local young rockers to battle it out for spot at Montgo Rock Festival


HAPPY FREUDS, the Javea-based multi-national band formed of Teo and Victor Holmstrom (Swedish), Jack Hunter (English) and Sergio Canadas (Spanish) are counting down the days until they compete to win the chance to perform at the Montgo Rock Festival alongside icons such as Leiva, MClan and La Fuga.

The competition will take place on Saturday April 8 when the boys will go head to head against three other local bands at Plaza Portal del Clot, Javea.

Brothers Teo (17-years-old) and Victor (14-years-old) moved to Spain from Sweden five years ago and wasted no time enrolling with the Javea Rock Academy. With no open positions available in local bands, their teacher Stewart Collier suggested they formed a band themselves since most other pupils couldn’t keep up with neither their ability or their (on occasion) eclectic music choices.

Full steam ahead, Happy Freuds (version one) played their first gig just over two years ago, with Stewart Collier on bass and vocals. At the end of spring 2016, Stewart Collier passed away unexpectedly and the band were left without a bassist and lead vocalist just 12 days before they were set to headline a charity music festival they had worked so hard to get off the ground.

After much deliberation and discussion with members of other local bands, who had become fans of the Happy Freuds, the boys pulled off the charity music festival and haven’t looked back since.

The set up now sees Teo on lead guitar and lead vocals, Victor on drums, Jack (former member of local band, Toxic) on bass and lead vocals and Sergio (former member of local band, The Kings Bee – along with Jonathan Contreras Lopez who also came across to the Happy Freuds but has recently left due to relocation) on 2nd guitar/ rhythm guitar.

Happy Freuds, without having very much time for anything besides gigs, are still in the process of finishing their first own original material. So far, they have recorded three tracks in Crocotone Jailhouse Studio with the aid of Klaus Jurgens, a pro-drummer from multiple 70s disco acts in Germany.

Happy Freuds are not a tribute band nor a ‘good times’ covers band – they have their very own analogue/ authentic classic rock rhythm that ends up somewhere between Neil Young and James Gang in style.

Check them out on social media – www.facebook.com/HappyFreuds/ and if you like what you hear, head down to the Plaza Portal del Clot in Javea on Saturday April 8 to support them.

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