Man arrested in Benidorm for threatening woman and 7-year-old boy with gun


LAST weekend a 55-year-old man was arrested in Benidorm after his partner, who he threatened with a 9-gauge pistol said ‘enough is enough’, ending the relationship in which both her and her seven-year-old son have fallen victim to years of abuse from the accused.

Upon arrest, police seized the weapon in question plus 600 cartridges, five assault rifles, two bayonets and a blast gun.

The couple had lived together in Benidorm together for many years and the victim told police she was afraid to report the abuse as the accused had threatened to kill both her and her son if she did so.

She said the accused had been abusive almost since the beginning of the relationship, initially using verbal threats before progressing to physical violence shortly after.

After being threatened with the gun, the victim fled the house with her son in her arms and went straight to Benidorm Police Station for help. Police officers immediately interviewed the victim as she explained the hell she and her son have experienced over the past few years.

The victim explained her son had been mistreated by the accused since he was four-years-old, receiving heavy blows to the face as a reprimand for ‘being naughty’ and even being hit with a stick on numerous occasions.

The accused has been charged with gender-based violence and ill-treatment of both the victim and her son.

Police detained the accused but he was released on bail on Tuesday with a restraining order that was put in place to prohibit him communicating with the victim.

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