Market movers in Torrevieja


ALTHOUGH TORREVIEJA’S street market was just about ready to move in June 2015, for one reason or another it’s taken until now for the move to become a reality.

And surprise surprise, the Council has chosen a time and moment to do so, that the established market traders and not happy with. On Friday Torrevieja Council tried to notify the 700 or so so traders of the imminent move and transfer to the new flea market. Notices were hand delivered to them about the new market location and the positioning of their new stalls. However, the administrative procedure does not allow for an open period of allegations, as to the reason why the change of location will be effective in April

In the letter, in addition to communicating the details of new site next to the Water Park and Sports City, Nelson Mandela Stadium on Avda. Delfina Viudes, it indicated its location and the size of the the new market area. However, the document is not to open a period of allegations. That is to say, regardless of the claims that may be presented to the local administration in the coming days, the change of location will be a fact, for the last week of March or the first of April – although many of the merchants have already begun to complain that it should be postponed until after Easter so as not to disorient those who spend their holidays in the city during that period.

The main concern of the market traders and local customers is the lack of transport to the new premises, since it has only been announced that one of the conventional lines will extend its route from the Sports Palace to the immediate vicinity of the new premises. However, the present council have had more than 18 months to sort this out. The present location of the street market was only meant to be temporary but has been there most than most International residents can remember.

The street market is the largest Friday market in Spain and one the largest in the country although it has almost halved in size over the years, going from almost 1,500 to around today’s average of 700. There are a vast array of good on offer including decoration, textiles, clothing, interior design, craft, footwear, toys, electronics and horticultural produce at very reasonable prices, which can sometimes be good buys.

The street markets have a real Arab-style market atmosphere and have achieved great popularity amongst the Spanish and the thousands of Europeans that visit Torrevieja. The venue will allow for better access, car parking, more space between stands offering a wider esplanade, improved set up and break down time for traders, will not close down the present area of the city on a Friday plus will increase security and emergency protocols and possibly cut down on the number of illegal traders and pickpockets.

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