Mattel Aristotle


MATTEL’S Aristotle is like a smart baby monitor and Amazon Echo rolled into one.

The smart voice-activated speaker works with a companion camera and is intended to help with tasks like soothing a crying baby, buying more diapers, encouraging kids to mind their manners, or helping them learn a foreign language.

What can it do?

• Automatically recognizes when babies wake up, and soothes them to sleep with a lullaby, white noise, a favorite song or a night-light
Logs wet diapers and feedings via voice commands or a phone app
• Automatically orders more diapers or formula from Target, Babies R Us and other participating retailers
• Automatically looks for deals and coupons on consumable baby supplies
• Actually recognizes and answers young kids’ questions after a brief voice recognition training session
• Answers questions until your child falls asleep.
• Plays guessing games with kids based on animal noises (say the name of the animal) or shapes held up to the camera (say the name of the shape), then lights up with the correct answer
• Reads aloud from a selection of dozens of children’s books, accompanying them with sound and light effects that match the stories
• Hosts sing-alongs and teaches ABCs and 1-2-3s
• Recognizes specially designed kids’ toys with embedded NFC chips, or with its camera, and provides sound effects when kids play with them (an upcoming Hot Wheels racetrack was one example)
• Optionally requires kids to say “Please” when they ask Aristotle for things, to help teach manners
• Helps kids with homework

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