Final act: Mike joins Marie Joy


By Keith Nicol

ANOTHER local entertainer passed this week in Torrevieja: Mike Davis.

His beloved wife and stage partner for over 50 years Marie Joy passed away last month and Mike followed her on Sunday.

Having retired to Spain, they just could not set aside that urge to perform and over the years the couple raised many thousands of euros for local charities and organisations and were much loved and respected in the local community.

They were instrumental in setting up and fronting the International Charity Event at the Eras de la Sal, until 2006, when the venue was temporarily closed for improvements. In August 2016 they celebrated 50 golden years together and were featured in an article celebrating their life in variety theatre in last August’s Torrevieja Outlook and in British Music Hall Society’s magazine, The Call Boy.

Local author and historian Andy Ormiston said about the couple: “Marie Joy met Mike Davies, then a young professional singer and compere, in 1966 at Cleopatra’s Club in Cardiff. She was a bit put out when Mike told her she had to do the opening act, not always the very best spot in variety shows, so argued with him as he explained about another act that moved around the audience.

She argued that he had to go and tell the manager that she was not appearing in the opening spot. So poor Mike set off to see the man with the reputation of a fiery temper, but turned round and said to her, “I tell you what, you go and tell him.” So that was that and she did do the opening numbers and that was beginning of a new relationship on and off stage.”

Mike was a crooner and his performance included a tribute style act to Frankie Vaughan; on one occasion he was faced with the daunting prospect of the man himself appearing on stage at the same theatre for a week. Mike was a bit apprehensive when Frankie approached and said, “I hear you do a lookalike act of me and you’re very good at it. Let’s see how it goes.” So Mike put on his straw hat, clutched his cane and said, “Follow me” and both of them did the famous “Give Me the Moonlight,” routine to great applause and appreciation on the part of the audience and Frankie Vaughan.

Mike followed Marie Joy to that great stage in the sky on Sunday and both of them are dearly missed.

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