Mind tricks to make you a healthier eater


Accept the hunger

Hunger pangs are not a sign to snack, it simply means you are getting hungry and so try and avoid the urge to snack and just enjoy your next meal.

Three minute cravings

Hunger isn’t just a physical process to do with how full or empty the stomach is, essentially hunger comes from the mind. ‘Cravings’ are not necessarily about the food but it represents and they usually only last a few minutes so go and distract yourself for three minutes to avoid the need for reaching for that chocolate bar.

Anticipated regret

Many who are trying to lose weight and eat healthier feel guilty when they eat a naughty treat and wish they hadn’t so next time you want that cake remember and imagine how you might feel afterwards. Even better, think about how good you will feel if you eat an apple instead.

Cook from scratch

You will be in more control of what you eat and avoid hidden sugars and fats in pre-prepared meals and sauces. Even if you are short on time, a quick pasta dish with a tin of tomatoes and diced vegetables is a healthier choice than putting a ready meal in the microwave.

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