Miracle twins of Javea say hello to staff at health centre where they were


PARENTS THANK the paediatricians and midwife who helped deliver the babies 

Valentina and Isabella the ‘miracle twins’ of Javea recently returned to the health centre in Javea where they were born prematurely on November 1 last year.

Arlene, the mother of Valentina and Isabella, gave birth after only 26 weeks of gestation (the normal is between 37 and 40) with paediatricians Monica Bonora and Silvana Bintos at hand, along with midwife Ana Vico.

The birth was extremely quick and was not intended to have taken place in the health centre. Nevertheless, Bonora and Bintos quickly took to the job at hand, escorting the twins, who each weighed 700 grams, huddled in their chests in the back of an ambulance straight to Denia Hospital, hugging them to transmit body heat whilst Arlene followed in a separate ambulance.

The first-time parents Arlene and Craig took the girls, now four and a half months old and weighing a little more than three kilograms, to the health centre to say hello to those who helped deliver them before presenting staff members with a beautiful bunch of flowers each.

‘We are very grateful to you. You saved our girls ‘ lives.’ Craig told them. ‘What happened was exceptional,’ said pediatrician Bonora and midwife Vico commented that even on a course held in Valencia on premature births, the ‘miracle twins’ were the stars of the show.

‘We will never forget what the three Javea doctors did for our daughters,’ added Craig, who extended great thanks for the many messages of support the family received following the early arrival.

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