Motorcyclist dies in Torrevieja


A 26-year-old motorcyclist died on Monday after crashing into a streetlight in Torrevieja.

Apparently the young man was on a motorbike traveling at great speed along Avenida Rosa Mazón, when the bike lost control and slammed into a lamppost. After an investigation by the Policia Local, the oil spill and skid marks were cleared up and friends and family have marked the spot with candles and flowers in memory of the Torrevieja resident.

The incident took place shortly before 7:00am when, for reasons that are being investigated, the motorbike crashed hard against one of the lampposts. Ambulance crews could not do anything to save the life of the victim after the terrible impact.

The Policia Local is investigating the cause of the accident which initially was thought to be just excessive speed prior to the roundabout just before Avenue Delfina Viudes, in the immediate vicinity of a water park and several well-known nightclubs in the town. At the time of the incident there were hardly any vehicles around except for some cars leaving the local nightclubs. A friend of the deceased said that he was riding pillion on the motorcycle, which was hit from behind by a car, forcing the bike to gain speed and crash into the pole. Apparently the deceased was thrown violently into the lamppost while the rider who lost control of the bike after the collision, survived. However, a report in ‘Información’ newspaper noted that he was the rider of the bike. Details have yet to be confirmed by the Policia Local.

The deceased was well known throughout the local community. He was also a face that many expatriates would recognise as he attended many events as a volunteer of the Protection Civil Corps of Torrevieja. His ex-companions were heartbroken after hearing the news of the accident the morning it happened. Javier Manzanares, Councillor for Torrevieja’s Security and Emergency and head of the local Civil Protection unit, was in shock on hearing the sad news and expressed his condolences to the young man’s family. On the Civil Protection Torrevieja’s Facebook page, they said: “Our most heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased exvoluntario.

Always in our memory. Rest in peace.”

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