Neighbourhood Watch needs new president


THE Neighbourhood Watch / Residents’ meetings of San Luis / La Siesta were started 17 years ago by Graham Knight and have been held on a monthly basis ever since.

The final meeting will be held on Monday April 27 at 4:30pm in Casa Ventura unless a volunteer is prepared to come forward to take over as President to run the meetings.

The only requirements are:

1. To be resident in San Luis / La Siesta / El Chaparral

2. To be an English speaker

3. To be enthusiastic and to care about the area

It is not an onerous task as the president is not expected to sort problems out but only to point people in the right direction. This is done by liaison with the Foreigners Office of the Town Hall.

Every meeting is attended by at least 1 representative from the Foreigners office to answer questions and problems and to pass on information.

The Mayor, Jose Manuel Dolon has confirmed he will attend the next meeting on April 27.

In collaboration with the Town Hall the association has corrected many local problems over the years. Instigating repairs to pavements, street lights, green areas, road signs and markings and even persuading the Town Hall to resurface the car park in San Luis Playa Tolosa.

It will be a detriment to the area if the meetings have to be terminated.

Meetings are currently held 9 times a year, on a monthly basis except in December, July and August.

If this or the venue of Casa Ventura is not convenient to the new President, all can be amended to suit.

Previous Presidents Janice Gray, Jean Wardle and Rita Huntley, who have each done the job for many years, are no longer able to commit themselves fully but would be only too willing to assist, if and when required.

For more information contact 966789265 / 966784735 / 966785423.

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