New cancer psychologist at Denia hospital


PSYCHOLOGIST Javier Murcia will provide his services in the area of oncology at the hospital in Denia.

Murcia is an AECC (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer) psychologist recruited by Denia’s Department of Health to offer psychological care to cancer patients at the hospital and their families who require it.

In recognition of World Cancer Day on 4th February, Dr. Joan Manel Gassent, who is head of the oncology department at the hospital, discussed their state-of-the-art facilities. With well-equipped multidisciplinary teams for the treatment of cancer, specialized surgeons, plastic surgeons or interventional radiologists who carry out very innovative techniques available in very few centres, such as chemoembolization, patients are in good hands.

Dr Gassent praised the work of the multidisciplinary committees whose evaluation and analysis work is vital to ensure the early and appropriate diagnosis of cancer.

The head of oncology also thanked the professionals in his department who give care on a day-to-day basis to cancer patients.

Last year, nearly 4,600 cancer patients were treated at Denia Hospital with a total of 3700 treatments dispensed. According to data provided by the hospital’s oncology department, the most frequent cases in the region of Marina Alta are breast, digestive, prostate and lung cancers.

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