New rules for Benitachell beaches


IN a municipality plenary that took place last week, a new coastal ordinance scheme was put into place to improve the management of Benitachell’s 2km coastline.

In recent summers, the coves of Benitachell have seen thousands of visitors and the local government have considered if necessary to adopt a set of rules as part of the scheme to establish higher levels of safety.

Benitachell’s coastline is broken, with cliffs that reach in 100 metres above sea level. The new scheme prohibits jumping into the sea from the surrounding cliffs, rocks and any other place that poses a risk to the safety of people.

Visitors will not be able to take glass bottles to the beach and are obliged to take their litter on leaving.

The lighting of fire and gas cylinders will be prohibited and visitors found leaving furniture, trolleys, pallets, boxes and packaging at the beach will be appropriately fined.

Animals will not be allowed in the cove of Moraig, with the exception of guide dogs or assistance and rescue.

In the summer season, fishing on the beach will not be allowed during the daytime season to avoid injury to bathers. It will however be allowed between the hours of 9.00pm and 9.00am.

Fines will be given and any visitors found infringing these rules should expect to pay approximately €750 for minor offences and up to €3,000 for more serious offences.

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