Orihuela Duathlon


LAST SUNDAY in Orihuela, the “Vientos del Pueblo”, a medium distance duathlon took place. It was the second Spanish championship event of the Spanish Triathlon Federation of 2017, and it was the fourth time event was organized in Orihuela.

The contest consisted of a 15 kilometre run, followed by 65 kilometres on a bicycle, and ending with another 8 kilometres run to the finish. The contestant set out at 9am on a beautiful spring Sunday morning.

The race that takes endurance and perseverance was won by Gustavo Rodriguez who completed the route with a time of 2:59:32, and impressive five minutes before the runner-ups Víctor del Corral and Rubén Peñuela.

The women’s competition was dominated by Mavi Garcia from start to finish. After leading the first and second stage by a wide margin, she was able to maintain a steady pace to the finish. Only 18 men reached the finishing line ahead of her.

With Sunday’s victories Gustavo and Mavi repeated last year’s triumph. They led a competition that was overall a great success, with 550 participants competing in the men’s, women’s, para-athletes and senior categories.

The top 5 of Orihuela Duathlon:

1. Gustavo Rodríguez 2:59:32
2. Víctor del Corral 3:04:44
3. Rubén Peñuela 3:04:44
4. Ibai Alba 3:06:00
5. José Torres 3:07:06

1. Mavi García 3:20:21
2. Yéssica Pérez 3:36:03
3. Ana Revilla 3:38:20
4. Mª Remedios Carrasco 3:40:31
5. Sonia López 3:41:05

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