Passport renewal: You can now apply for UK passport in JUST 10 minutes online


A NEW online passport renewal service has been launched by the government which is said to take an average of ten minutes to complete.

HM Passport Office piloted the new process last year with 240,000 people.

Applicants can choose to upload a ‘suitable’ digital photo from a smartphone or tablet.

Once ready for processing, it still takes around three weeks for the Home Office to send out a new passport, providing all documents submitted are accepted. This timescale will stay the same.

To be eligible, applicants must live in the UK, be 26 or older, not hold dual-nationality and in possession of their current passport, which cannot have expired before 2012.

In the meantime, all UK customers and British Citizens overseas can complete most of their application and pay online, before printing and returning a signed declaration, their supporting documents, and photographs in the post to HM Passport Office for processing.

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