Pedreguer cadastral values 27% rise


A STUDY has revealed that the cadastral values of the urban center of Pedreguer are 27% above the market price.

A technical report commissioned by the Council reveals, on the other hand, an undervaluation in the urbanizations and the industrial estate.

In a meeting on Thursday 1st March, a presentation took place to reveal the results of an external technical study that had been commissioned to ascertain the situation of the cadastral values.

The study, carried out between November and February, consisted of determination and comparative analysis of the cadastral values of the Pedreguer houses with respect to their market value.

The study has revealed the inadequacy of the cadastral values in the urban area as well as in the urbanisations and the industrial estate. In the urban area, the cadastral values are well above market value (by 27.34% on average), while in the other areas, the cadastral values are below market value (24.03% in the industrial estate, 17.95% in the Sella, 7.88% in the Monte Pedreguer and 5.69 in the Solana).

According to the author of the study, the inadequacy could be explained by the fact that an incorrect (higher than the corresponding) value was used in the actual presentation of values (from 2007).

The City Council has requested a new paper from the Cadastre, which will only be accepted if it is done correctly and adjusted to current prices.

The City Council stresses that communication will remain transparent throughout the process and to dissipate any doubts or address any concerns, all meetings are open to the attendance of residents.

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